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Thursday, November 23, 2006

How to make a film, part 5

Dirty Harry on Movie Themes, or a comparison between good and bad liberal films from a conservative perspective.

Norma Ray isn't a favorite of mine, but I agree with his perspective. I've been watching The Wire now for four seasons, and think it has been one of the best shows on television, and better than most movies too. If you watch the two behind-the-scenes specials, you will see show's producer David Simon speaking very strongly about his beliefs about the problems in America's inner cities and with the drug trade (which happen to fall on the leftist side of things). But because The Wire creates a world of fascinating human characters and monsters, it's quality doesn't rest on its political beliefs. And there is enough depth that even the shows overall judgements are open to questioning based on what happens. Well, the first three seasons anyway. The fourth has been about inner city schools, and has been the most preachy, least charismatic, least funny, and least profound. Too bad that they can't succeed when they are trying so hard. It's still okay though, and it looks like a place-holder penultimate season for next year.

Anyway, I'm watching Topper on TCM and it's great.


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