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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jeeves and W

Christopher Buckley envisions W a la Wodehouse in the recent issue of Cracked for AP-students. Although, I have a hard time seeing George as Bertie. He's more like an ancillary friend of Bertie's from the Drones club who played rugby and stole policemen's helmets in his youth. Anyway, aside from making black-short-wearing fascists the butt of many a plot, Wodehouse was pretty apolitical.

On the other hand, my folks lent me their copy of Yes, Prime Minister, which does have a distorted Wodehouse sensibility. Servants have become civil servants, and replace a plot with a marriage engagement with one about some bit of legislation, and somehow combine Jeeves and Aunt Agatha into one character.

Also, dating the English way, which like some English cuisine, sounds more like a dare than an invitation.



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