Mike Beversluis

Friday, November 17, 2006

Jet Powered Fire Extinguisher

One bottom-half of a Russian tank + 2 Mig21 jet engines + water = kinda awesome.



  • Sweet. That's exactly like something the A-Team would build (if they were locked in an abandoned Russian air hanger that was set on fire, etc).

    By Anonymous eric, at 20 November, 2006 17:42  

  • Or Mad Max.

    By Blogger Mike Beversluis, at 20 November, 2006 19:46  

  • Russians always do cooler things with their military scrap (ie. make awesome Chimyra-vehicles, sell to crack-pot dictators, etc.). The U.S. just turns their Tomcats into Pepsi cans.

    By Anonymous Adam, at 21 November, 2006 15:42  

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