Mike Beversluis

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Now that gas is super cheap again, who cares?

But, this guy won a fuel economy contest with his Corvette Z06. Obvs, the rules were a little different than you might think, with the goal to get the biggest percentage improvement over the manufactuer's rating.

Occasionally I try to "hypermile" and see what I can get my TSX to do. It's spec'd at 20/30MPG city/highway. Cruising at 80 usually gives 32MPG, but I took it down to 55 and with a little help from my friendly beltway friends, I got 42MPG on a 72 mile round-trip from Alexandria to Gaithersburg. Not too shabby, but I only would have scored 42% better in the test above - I would have beat the Yaris though. To celebrate, I took fifteen cross-country flights.



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