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Friday, January 09, 2009

I'd hit it

I always go for stylishly bland cars, so yeah, I think the new Buick Regal looks mostly great (the rear is a little awkward). It's got a new engine, which I'd rather wait for a year or two for any flaws to get tweaked, with the caveat that GM may not exist then. I've noted that I liked Buicks before, so this may constitute a worrying trend for my youthful reputation. Or is it just an encouraging trend towards my graceful aging? On a related note, I like the Lincoln MKS's looks too, but I wouldn't pay sticker for one. I suspect you don't have to. And if it came down to it, would you still take one of these over an Infiniti/Lexus?

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  • The Chinese love Buicks.

    And, yes, I would take the Buick over a Lexus/Infiniti.

    But I wouldn't take any of them over a BMW, from which they all slavishly copy the styling, without capturing the driving dynamics.

    By Blogger Hey Skipper, at 10 January, 2009 07:38  

  • Well, I think design was taken from Buick in China, so they seem to be onto something there.

    Dunno about the BMW's, haven't driven one yet, but they sure do get cheap after the warranties expire.

    By Blogger Mike Beversluis, at 11 January, 2009 22:46  

  • I happen to be pretty handy with a wrench, so I can deal with most things that go wrong.

    And I have dealt with enough of them to not be surprised to hear that resale values sink like a greased safe post warranty. (I still the one I bought new in 1992.)

    But for those of us who are Jim Clark wannabees, there is no family hauler on the planet that will touch a bimmer.

    By Blogger Hey Skipper, at 23 January, 2009 01:28  

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