Mike Beversluis

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the real square root day

Today, 3 March 2009, is "square root day" because 3*3 = 9; which seems like it should be "The Number of the Day and Month are Equal and When They Are Multiplied They Equal the Current Year Minus 2000." Doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily, does it? And who can forget February 2nd, 2004? I sure did.

But, just to be pendantic, and assuming that you're not using the Mayan calender, the real square root day should be February 14th, 2025, because sqrt(2025) = 45, and the 45th day of the year is 2/14. Which just happens to be St. Valentine's day. Coincidence? Hardly, my friend. That's just what Freemasons want you to think. Also, RSRD (Real Square Root Day) occurs less frequently, as the last perfect square year was 1936, and the next after that will be 2116.



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