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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


How Your Favorite Sneakers Got Their Name

600 million pairs of Chuck Taylor All-Stars. That's a lot. Oddly, they left off Nike, although Nike does own Converse.


  • Well NOW I've gotta chime in of course!

    Nike's original name was Blue Ribbon Sports; a name, as the story goes, that Phil Knight made up on the spot as he shook hands with his new Eastern business partners. Attributed to the fact that he was drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon the night before.

    But when it was time to come up with a real name a year later, Phil gave the task to Nike's first employee Jeff Johnson. And Jeff says it came to him in a dream, the word "Nike" ... so they looked it up, and it was a Greek word most commonly used in the ancient Olympics meaning "Victory!" They liked it, and hence a company was named.

    Now YOU know, and knowing is HALF the battle!

    By Anonymous e, at 13 June, 2009 16:36  

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