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Saturday, November 14, 2009


I tend not to write a whole lot here, as the long essay isn't one of my strengths.  Superb taste in outward bound links?  Sure.  And the thread that holds them together? That's the subtext, my friend. And if you didn't/don't pick up on the sub-text, that's just because it's so... subtle..  Yeah, that's the ticket.

Anyway, going back to this post about writing non-fiction - Just, to make my point a little more openly, isn't it just like an economist to think that whatever he's working on is, by definition, one of the five most important topics to think about in the world??  And don't tell me that isn't how he thinks about it, because it is.  Talk about the dismal science.

Here's $0.02:  Don't worry about being read.  Don't worry about your topic.  Writing represents a maladjustment to life, and those things don't have any impact on your maladjustment.  And if I really believed that, I wouldn't be doing this.

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