Mike Beversluis

Sunday, November 29, 2009

christmas list

Gift Ideas for Mike in no particular order:
  1. A cool business card holder.
  2. Kitchen scale.  An old fashioned scientific balance beam scale would be nerdtastique, but of course a simple digital scale works better, which is also, um, nerdtastic.  Either way, I'd be happy.  No doubt Christopher Kimble has caustically expressed a firm opinion about which model is the best.  Unlike Jeremy Clarkson, he's probably right.
  3. A small toaster.  The bachelor pad's appliance garage is small, but something set to scale and retro-cool would be sweet.  Bonus points if it's the Alfa-Romeo of toasters and occasionally burning your fingers is part of the charm because it's so sexy.  Double infinity points if it is an Alfa-Romeo. Then again, please see the note above about C.K. and his kitchen gadget opinions.
  4. One of them new fangled magick mice.  Yes, it's spendy, but so was Steve Job's new kidney liver.
  5. Some more Miles Davis Quintet to listen to while I tool around in my Lamborghini Miura.  Incidentally, like-new used CD's on Amazon are the best thing for buying music ever.
  6. I have lusted after a Vaja Wallet for awhile but just haven't pulled the trigger.
  7. Tasteful ties (long). I like silk brocades with their contrasting textures and finishes.
  8. DVD's:  The Royal Tenenbaums.  Or some Hitchcock: To Catch a Thief, North by Northwest, or Vertigo.
  9. Edward Tufte's latest, or a good coffee table book: Infrastructure: A field guide to the industrial landscape.
  10. A nice basic Timex calendar watch with a black leather strap.
  11. A nice art print - I've been thinking about Pieter Bruegel the Elder's Winter painting (or for more $ a really nice print of his Summer Harvester).
  12. A stacked Japenese lacquere box to store my remote controls out of sight.  These seem surprisingly hard to find online.

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