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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Baseball Thoughts

Ah, the off-season. The perennial best time of the year for the also-rans. That caveat aside, the one the Mariner's have been having is phenomenal, what with giving some loose change and a paper-clip to get Cliff Lee for a year, not to mention a very reasonable contract for Chone Figgins (who has a Wicked Awesome name to go along with his wicked awesome WOBA) and offloading one terrible contract (Carlos Silva) for another that at least has some on-field upside (Milton Bradley). All told, a solid A+, and they still have $10M to spend or to save for a rainy day (which happens frequently, as it turns out, in Seattle).

My thoughts run towards signing up Gutti and Felix long-term, as they are also totally awesome, but they still need to add a few pieces to lock down their status as the new Division-leading contender, specifically a big bat to plug in at first base (looking more and more like Branyan will resign) and another starter and some left-handed bullpen help. Hmmm. Now, follow me here, but consider that since we have also engaged another year the Griffey magical mystery farewell tour, we should do the same for Randy Johnson.

Mr. Johnson's about to hang them up and is also a dead-lock Hall of Famer. Now, while he broke through as an M, its hard to disagree that his best years didn't come winning World Series's down in Arizona and that's probably how he'll come in. It'd be nice if his last year was spent as an M - for just the same reason's that it's nice that Griffey says goodbye as a Mariner (he has to go in as an M, right?). Johnson's age means that you aren't going to get 200 innings out of him, but what if he was to pull a Dennis Eckersley like transition to the Bullpen?  I have no idea if that's palatable to the parties involved themselves, but I really like the idea of Johnson getting to relive one of his best Mariners moments when he came out of the bullpen to nail the Yankees in a come-back series win.

His current status is iffy due to a torn rotator cuff last year, so sign him to an incentive-laden contract and let the 1995 M's farewell reunion tour begin!



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