Mike Beversluis

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fever Dream

Well, I was up very late last night working on a new sampling theorem, and as usual when I work on a math problem, the TV was on in the background. I had TiVo replaying some car shows, first Motor Week on the new 911 GT3, and then a Dream Car Garage comparison of the original Fordt GT40, the new Ford GT, and a Superformance GT-40, and it hit me: I want to build a hot-rod, and not just any hot-rod, but a hot-rod diesel Shelby Dayton Coupe replica.

The Audi R10 diesel has dominated racing. Yes, they are wont to do so, but they proved that you can do it with diesel. And what better American response would their be than a Shelby Coupe diesel?

A Factory Five Coupe would be a great starting point, but instead of dropping in a 427 side-oiler like everyone else and their mother, this thing needs a 40PSI turbocharged inline-six cylinder.

Weight and the transmission would be an issue, but it would be nuts.

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