Mike Beversluis

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to another photoshop come to life

The internet is really screwing with my fake/real-dar.



  • For me, it's like reading a blog written in English with all foreign words. In other words, I haven't the vaguest idea most of the time of what he's talking about. I had three brothers, all of whom became gifted engineers. So being a girl I never bothered to go beyond learning to put gas in the tank. Oh, and I changed a flat tire. Once.

    But I think you might appreciate the underlying impulses in http://www.buzz-lightningbug.blogspot.com/ He's a kid who saved his money to restore the most decrepit VW Bug I've ever laid eyes on.

    Still enjoying your blog.

    By Anonymous Terry Sissons, at 18 June, 2009 16:33  

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