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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cosmology's always good for a laugh, but keep it in the solar system if you want to get taken seriously...

Five interesting astronomy anomalies

I'm going to reveal the depths of my ignorance here, but I don't worry about cosmology too much, since it's hard to repeat the experiment, and besides that, the universe doesn't really care if you think it makes sense or not. Even if it probably does.

Anyway, the above article points out a bunch of very interesting anomalies of bodies within the solar system. I hadn't heard about the increasing Earth/Sun distances before - that's kinda cool. In the end, all of these problems may stay within the ballpark, so to speak, but I'm sure a few clever fellows will take their hacks and try to invent something new in Classical Mechanics.

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  • Quite cool.

    By Blogger John Travolta Sardus, at 30 July, 2009 06:26  

  • Agreed.

    By Blogger Hey Skipper, at 31 July, 2009 15:05  

  • I would imagine that coming up with rules governing something as vast as time and space might possibly result in at least a few errors and miscalculations.

    We don't completely understand most microcosms, what gives us the idea that we can describe general physics with any accuracy?

    Scientists of all cloth obviously need a certain level of hubris in order to make any assertions.

    By Anonymous Adam, at 02 August, 2009 04:30  

  • To Adam: yes and no. On one side there is the philosophical question on whether the laws of physics are "right", or whether they can be made "right"; in the sense of being an exact description The question can become terribly intricated after a bit of thought, I believe that many quite thorough analyses have been done on the subject. Even if I haven't thought a lot about it, I feel that it is a quite interesting question.

    On the other hand there is the fact of being curious. There is someone who has spent his time to make these calculations and some of them are genuinely curious of why the theory they have used does not work.

    Then there is the third side, the hubris (since we have exhausted both hands, we could use a foot, ah ah). I must say that today it annoys me less than it used to do time ago; it seems a component of character of people that does not have a direct relationship with the quality of the work they do. On the other hand (let us use the second foot now rather, ih ih ih ih) I have seen two elder and serious scientists being still pretty annoyed by scientific hubris, so you are in good company.

    By Blogger John Travolta Sardus, at 04 August, 2009 14:52  

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