Mike Beversluis

Thursday, July 09, 2009


A nifty microscopic composite image of an ant. And happily, GigaPan does not have a natural language interface. Many more such images here at the Nano GigaPan blog.

(Excuse my minor tick* - electron microscopes and microscopists tend to label images by magnification, e.g., 250X - I dislike that. Since the microscope has some fixed display size, this kinda makes sense, but even then not really. Are you supposed to get a ruler out, hold it up to the screen, and then divide by the magnification? And for some resized image on the web, the label is meaningless. It would be better to put in a scale bar on each image, or label it by the feature resolution in any image, limited either by the microscope resolution or the pixel size. End rant)

*ha ha, not an ant.

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