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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a rough way to put it

An important rule for writing:  Nobody wants to read your s***. [via]

Also, Seven Guidlines for Writing Worthy Works of Non-Fiction. Number One with a bullet:
1. Pick an important topic. If someone asks you, "What are the five most important areas to think about?," and you're writing about something that isn't on your own list, you should be disturbed. How do you know if a topic is important? My test: If everyone on earth read your book and believed it, would it make the world a better place? (Note: That's a test of importance, not truth!)

If I had to pick the five most important areas to think about right now... Wow, this is a little harder than I thought, but, a first stab at it is:

Public choice theory.
The 100 best movies.
Why are girls so pretty?

I'm not so worried about making the world a better place with all of them.   Also, I ran out of steam a little early.

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