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Thursday, February 11, 2010

They don't mention if he bought one afterwords

Also via my sister, Vice sends one of their hipsters to go try out some Colombian bullet proof clothing.  Which makes sense, because Brooklyn has a few to spare.

Bogota's bulletproof tailor

Brooklyn, New York (VBS.TV) -- Colombian tailor Miguel Caballero specializes in making garments that enable the wearer to get shot at point-blank range with nary an injury besides, maybe, a bruised ego. At-high-risk-of-catching-a-bullet demographics, such as rappers and politicians all over the world, rely on Miguel's handiwork. And, lucky me, when I was recently in Bogota for VBS.TV covering a few stories, I had the chance to visit Miguel's shop, learn about his protective clothing, and get shot in the gut by him. Seriously.

As my sister pointed out, one of the better lines is: "I shoot all my employees." Something to keep in mind the next time you have to run a HR gauntlet and feel annoyed because of the drug test.



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