Mike Beversluis

Friday, April 23, 2010

A voice crying out in the wilderness

Alongside the footsteps of Bobos in Paradise and Stuff White People Like, here is Charlotte Allen's Not Really Simple:

The problem with the simplicity movement is that its proponents mistake simplicity, which is an aesthetic lifestyle choice, for humility, which is a genuine virtue. Humility is an honest acknowledgment of one's limitations and lowliness in the great scheme of things and a realization that power over other human beings is a dangerous thing, always to be exercised with utmost caution. The Amish, as well as monks, Eastern and Western, cultivate humility because they know they have a duty toward what is larger than themselves. Leo Babauta of the foregone grooming products cultivates simplicity because it makes him feel "happier," as he writes on his website. For humble people, their own happiness or other personal feelings are secondary.

Aka, how not to win friends and influence people among the SMRT-set.



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