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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Book of Ratings

From Yahoo's Pick of the Day: The Book of Ratings. Everything and Anything. Many things you wouldn't have thought of. Um, or rather, many things of which I had not thought. For instance, pasta shapes:


This seems like one of the better reasons to keep your mind uninfected by the Italian language. If you speak Italian, suddenly waiters are encouraging you to try the little hairs. "The little hairs are very good tonight," they say. "You really can't go wrong with a plate full of little hairs." I know that there's always the English term "angel hair pasta," but that's different. I have no problem believing that angels are delicious. I'm sure you could run up and bite off an angel's thumb and it would taste like Krispy Kreme. B


These are chubby little ravioli, and the name means "fat little lambs." Cute! That's a lovely little image, fat lambs frolicking in a field of cream sauce with a bunch of hideously overgrown scallops and occasionally being stabbed with the massive fork of a vengeful god. I also like to imagine ninjas fighting with throwing stars among the sheeps and scallops, but I don't think that has a culinary analog. Maybe capers. A


I wanted to give my blog a D, but it already switched to Pass/Fail.



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