Mike Beversluis

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stop Clapping

Bono of Contention:

IRISH supergroup U2, due to play in Adelaide next month, recently held a concert in Glasgow, Scotland.

Halfway through the concert, lead singer Bono stood in a spotlight on stage and asked the audience of 30,000 for complete silence.

Gradually the auditorium fell quiet.

Then Bono began slowly clapping.

The audience was spellbound. Was this the beginning of a song? Did he want everyone to clap with him?

He took the microphone and said: "Everytime I clap my hands a child dies in Africa."

The spell of silence was broken when a wag in the front row shouted: "Well, stop clapping."

My own U2 urban legend: Peter Brandt said that he went to sequential U2 shows in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., and that in both shows a fight seemed to break out in the front row at which point Bono intervened and broke them up.



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