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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Things to read

From Clive Davis: Christopher Hitchen's on the very polite Americans in Borat's movie (I totally think he deserved that recent punch in the nose). Also, somewhat proving that you can't review a bad book without showing off, here's an essay on Dawking's The God Delusion. And for fans of Malapropisms here's an introduction to The Inscrutable Americans, which I am now curious to see how it turns out (Amazon) [via Orrin Judd].



  • How surreal is it to have Bertie Wooster come to your rescue?

    By Anonymous Adam, at 15 November, 2006 12:44  

  • Would Stephan Fry been more appropriate?

    By Blogger Mike Beversluis, at 15 November, 2006 13:22  

  • I dunno, if I were Sasha Cohen and intent on pissing people off, I might make sure that I had more then a pill-popping, gimpy doctor watching my back.

    Maybe he should've befriended Michael Chiklis or that Ecko guy from Lost.

    By Anonymous Adam, at 15 November, 2006 14:18  

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