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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cutting Straight to the Chase (Lounge)

Beds For All in Live Classical Concert: Good Idea?

A mattress company in Tel Aviv decided to fill up a concert hall with 144 beds complete with pillows and blankets, giving music lovers the most comfortable way possible to listen to a classical music concert.

To answer their rhetorical question (a specialty of mine); No. No it is not a good idea. Why not provide the audience with ear plugs while you are at it? (Depends on the performers, I guess) Do not encourage men to fall asleep when they are supposed to be awake. We do that enough already. There's a reason church pews are (should be) uncomfortable. (I like parenthetical comments)(and pie).

Actually, you don't want uncomfortable chairs either. Something neutral. And since sitting on Switzerland is impractical, I suggest medicine balls or knee-chairs:

Imagine walking into a concert hall full of knee chairs or mounted balls, um, so to speak? Breathtaking? I bet so.



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