Mike Beversluis

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I, for one, welcome my freeloading overlords

In general, I don't have a problem paying taxes. I pay a lot of taxes, but I like living in a fancy part of the city, and I like driving on free roads, and I like libraries, and I think (with some self-interest) that national security is important, and it's important to take care of the weak and needy.

BUT, I do think that there will be a long term problem if the majority votes themselves government spending programs for which they don't have to pay for at all. No, I'm not ready to shrug, but c'mon. Consider this to be less Ayn Randish, and more Myles Standish.

N.B., I'm not sure how they calculated the above numbers. It's in the NY Times, so caveat emptor.

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