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Monday, November 10, 2008

Give until you notice it

The annual charity drive is going on where I work (and no, my salary doesn't count), so I went to the useful Charity Navigator for guidance. I like Project Heifer, and I also made a point to give to the Red Cross, which was hammered by the two hurricanes this year, but without the concomitant rise in pledges that came with Katrina.

And that'll do it for my public square good-works boasting, since charity is often more about the benefactor's ego or need to feel necessary than it is about helping other people. I'm not sure that's wrong or unfortunate, but it does reflect a lack of self-awareness. (which I do not lack here, and so I feel better about myself, which I also recognize as egotism, which I also am aware of, and hence feel better about myself, and meta-so-forth.. Quite the hall of mirrors, huh?)(See, it's already all about me.)



  • Don't be up on your charitable self. We've survived as a species because it makes us feel good to help others.

    On the other hand, I do agree that realizing it makes you feel good does keep you from morphing into one of the do-gooders whose moral superiority make everybody else feel guilty and inferior.

    By Anonymous The Other I, at 11 November, 2008 09:45  

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