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Friday, November 07, 2008


Apparently a fungus has been discovered that very efficiently turns plant matter into oil. And this is after I paid only $2.60 per gallon for premium today. It felt like it was free. Whee!

Anyway, their report is interesting, but I'd take that news release and the claims for an non-velocirapator oil theory with a very brontosaurus-sized grain of salt.

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  • Total geek out here, but was the usage of "Brontosaurus" meant to imply an air of un-authenticity to the grain of salt? After all the Brontosaurus as science described doesn't {didn't?) actually exist.

    It's one of the great blunders of what is otherwise the infallible scientific community.

    By Anonymous Adam, at 10 November, 2008 02:27  

  • Um, no, I didn't know that. What's next, no stegosaurus either?

    By Blogger Mike Beversluis, at 10 November, 2008 08:12  

  • If I recall correctly it was simply a matter of the original paleontologist placing the skull of the simular (but apparently not directly related?) Camptosaurus on the incomplete skeleton of the Apatosaurus and it wasn't until later more complete examples of the creature were unearthed that science "revised" it's former discription and thus the creatures name.

    As far as I know Stegasaurus is safe, but that name doesn't describe a specific species, but a genus. ?

    By Anonymous Adam, at 10 November, 2008 21:06  

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