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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jaimie Moyer - Ancient Mariner - World Series Champ

After 22 seasons Jaime Moyer gets championship

Moyer Guides Phillies to 2008 World Series Championship

Watching this World Series was kinda fun, as I would have been happy with either team winning - I liked the Rays youth and seeing their excellent management pay off, and I could root for the Phillies in part because of Moyer.

It was fun watching Moyer pitch for the Mariners in 2001, winning 20 games for that historic team. The better part was his Roberto Clemente and Lou Gehrig awards in 2003. He still lives in Seattle, with his wife and seven kids. I'm glad he finally made it to the champioinship and won. The amazing thing is that, given how low-impact his pitching style is, he'll probably be playing when he has an AARP card.

I'd love to see Edgar Martinez get into the Hall of Fame someday, but I doubt it because he got a late start and doesn't have the hit totals you'd like. Moyer has a good shot, I'd say, at 300 wins, and he should get in, either way.



  • Don't spell Jamie the same way twice? ;)

    The other thing Jamie has going for him is that he's healthy and willing enough to pitch into his fifties.

    Plus he's willing to take marginal contracts since he's never had the "ace" label and seems to genuinely just love the game--So I could see him pitching far longer then the Clemens, Smoltz and Maddux's of this world.

    Congrats Jamie, you definitely deserved this.

    By Anonymous Adam, at 31 October, 2008 14:43  

  • It's just my clever ploy to get all the google traffic for misspelled search terms. The hits just keep rolling in!

    By Blogger Mike Beversluis, at 31 October, 2008 17:05  

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