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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things are amazing

You kinda hope that at some point in the next few years, we will suck it up a bit and stop acting like not buying a new luxury car, or a new plasma screen, this year, represents 40 years in the wilderness. The especially galling part is that much of the fallout from our stupid bank tricks is going to land on the developing world. My condolences if your situation becomes difficult, but would anyone in Detroit trade places with their counterparts in India or China right now?

By the way, this article speculates, somewhat interestingly, that if a depression were to happen, the major consequence would be that unemployed people would buy second-hand clothes and watch a lot more TV, because it's cheap. Comparing this to real hardship is obscene.

That bit of righteous indignation aside, putting up with obnoxious rich people is a small price to pay if it allows the poor majority of the world to be lifted out of real poverty. So no, unlike C.K., I don't think we need some reversion to poverty to regain our perspective. That would be cutting off their noses to spite our faces.



  • Oh this is marvellous. Thank you for the reminder. I'm old enough to remember, but that also makes me old enough to forget.

    By Anonymous TheOtherI, at 27 November, 2008 06:39  

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