Mike Beversluis

Monday, December 22, 2008

A bit of travel advice

Don't fly cross country during a massive winter storm. My old theory was that if I bought a direct ticket from DC to Seattle, I would avoid getting stuck somewhere intermediate. That has worked for years, but not this one, as we were diverted 300 miles away to Spokane. Along with twelve other flights. Alaska Air bounced 71 in total that night, leading to a bit of a jam the next day and so forth. I was booked onto a special flight Sunday, but they blew a sheet of ice into the aux power unit before take-off, and by the time they got that jury-rigged, Seattle closed again. Three days later, I lucked onto one of the few running buses home, which once I was on it, went surprisingly well. I'm writing this with the free WiFi on the Seattle ferry boat to Bainbridge. The weather in Seattle is absolutely perfect. Merry Christmas.



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