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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Political hypothesis

There is now a car-czar, or will be, to go along with our "drug-czars" and "education-czar" and "energy-czar" and "homeland security-czar". This is obviously kabuki jargon for "person placed in charge of a hopelessly daunting task that any examination of the political landscape will reveal to be essentially intractable without the socio-economic equivalent of Mt St Helen's blowing up."

So, is there anything or anyplace or anytime where the existence of a czar, with or without Faberge eggs, hasn't meant that the whole enterprise is doomed?

BTW, the automaker bailout is doomed. I don't see why bankruptcy is any worse for them than it is for the airlines. I'd be happy to list other reasons why I don't think it's a good idea, but that's sorta moot. You have to drink a lot of kool-aide to think that this "loan" will turn things around.

In any case, there's a political inevitability to it, even though it seems oddly capricious to me: our bailouts are going to be allotted like those service industry jobs where you tip them customarily, even though there are plenty of other folks who you don't. Waiters, yes; Grocery clerks, no. Cab drivers, yes; Bus drivers, no. Etc and so forth.

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