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Friday, November 28, 2008

Athletes of the World, Unite!

Bowling for big bucks:
Amateur athletics is wonderful, entertaining and disgustingly exploitative

By Allen R. Sanderson
November 24, 2008

With political polling and voting now behind us, as we head to malls and moms this holiday season, how about a quick survey to name the most exploited workers in the American economy? Typical knee-jerk candidates might be Wal-Mart employees, agricultural laborers, immigrants (legal or otherwise) and maybe even the U.S. taxpayer. But I have a fifth candidate.

If one wants to know who really is being exploited—defined as contributing the most revenue to his employer compared with what he is being paid for his efforts—we have to go no further than our living rooms. For there, starting with the appropriately dubbed Congressional Bowl in our nation's capital Dec. 20 and ending in Miami on Jan. 8 with the Bowl Championship Series championship game, is the vast array—34 in all—of college football bowl games.

NB, academia is run the same way itself - compare graduate student stipends and associate professor salaries to the rise in endowments over the last few years. Break the machine!

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