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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I sussed it out

I was morbidly curious to check out that magical unicorn Chinese Democracy, which as I've linked to, is easily found on youtube. It's actually not bad, say, if you liked G'n'R at all before. Not unlike Use Your Illusion.

But my big realization, which I'm bold to announce here, is that these two tracks are perfect James Bond themes. Even the song titles. That can't be coincidental.

That last one, for all purposes, is the Bee Gees.

BTW, the Las Vegas Orchestra recorded most of the Bond themes as classical rearrangements, which I must say, makes great workout music. Walking down the street listing to a Bond theme is, in a very dorky way, quite uplifting. Hey, it beats "Eye of the Tiger". Some of the recent ones are pretty good.

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