Mike Beversluis

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've totally lost my Snow Legs

So, in the 'tis better to have love and lost vein, do I need to move somewhere really cold again so that a little bit of extended cold doesn't feel bad, and perhaps feels good? (side note; brief snow flurries this morning, and it's been more or less cold since Fall - quelle surprise)

When I did live in a cold place, you expected it to be cold all winter long, and there wasn't the sense of getting cheated; and furthermore, I would acclimate (somewhat), so that a merely brisk day was as invigorating as a breath-mint commercial makes it out to be. But just because it works, do you have to suffer in order to appreciate good things? What's the right way to renormalize your expectations without turning into a sadomasochistic fiend?



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