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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This cannot happen soon enough

Universal Charges to Finally Become a Reality
Mikael Ricknäs, IDG News Service

An initiative backed by both mobile phone manufacturers and operators will result in a universal charger based on the Micro-USB interface for new mobile phones.

Moving to a universal charger will be a boon for both users and the environment by reducing the amount of waste, since fewer chargers have to be thrown away. It will make life a lot easier for users, who will be able to charge their mobile phones using any available charger, and when they buy a new phone they won't have to get a new charger.

The group agreed that by the January 2012, most mobile phones will support the universal charger, according to the GSM Association, which is leading the initiative.

Unmentioned in the story is a compelling reason why they are all agreeing to do this - Okay, "It's for the environment," but it seems counter-intuitive to me that they would give up their lucrative business of selling very specific adapters. Any thoughts?

Incidentally, and sorry if I've mentioned this before, but if you do lose yours, pop into a hotel and say you left your charger behind (technically true), and ask if you can look through their lost-and-found box. They all have dozens of them sitting somewhere back there, so you might be able to luck into your brand and model.



  • A resounding HECK yes on the standardized charger interface.

    Also, I actually recommended your hotel advise to a friend, and while she was able to procure a charger this way, one of the more upscale hotels actually asked her for her room number and date of stay... So acquirer beware?

    By Anonymous Adam, at 18 February, 2009 02:14  

  • Doh! Sorry about that. Well, it worked for me.

    By Blogger Mike Beversluis, at 18 February, 2009 10:06  

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