Mike Beversluis

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I liked watching Life this year, what with most every other network show plumbing the depths of my indifference (or annoyance, Heroes). The ginger Damien Lewis is as charismatic as he was in Band of Brothers, although the zen ticks seemed a little forced and the most of the show is pure fantasy. But I appreciated that they closed the loop on his personal revenge odyssey last night - no endless spiral is a good thing that many, many hit shows would have better served to learn. It did feel like Luke Skywalker taking the Emperor's place, even if he did it for love, so we'll get to see how that shakes out next year - he'll have to go on the run (or not) and I'm pretty sure that it will turn out that there's an even bigger and darker bady lurking beneath the surface. Welcome to the layer cake, I'm sure.



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