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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What about an optimisitic version of Prozac?

Scott Adams Blog: The Bald Salesman -the role of optimism in overcoming bad luck.

Scott points out that many unfortunate circumstances in people's lives can be compensated for if they're optimistic enough to think that they, or maybe their children, can overcome them. Which I think is true, although that's the optimist in me. So then the big life-outcome differentiator is whether or not you got back on that horse, so to speak; That's the primary factor in whether you or your descendants survive and thrive.

So, there may be a genetic component to that, although unlike Adams I think it's actually largely cultural and not genetic, or that the two are strongly intermixed. But if you wanted to do some social engineering and try to tilt the social potential energy landscape, it seems like a drug that made people feel optimistic would be a good thing to put in the water (cocaine lite?). Yes, it would increase the number of Darwin award winners (DAW's) too. As long as the external impacts of the DAW's are relatively limited, e.g., no basement nukular engineers, it should be okay.



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