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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things I would never do

Go on vacation at the exact time as everyone else in the entire country. As the French do, and did, leading to massive traffic jams in the summer heat. And you can imagine the awesomeness when they all appear at some point sufficiently Sud en mass and break out the banana hammocks and ask how much the local children cost. Sometimes it's good to understand and appreciate cultural differences, but synchronized vacations is one of the things that is completely WRONG in Europe. (FWIW, Spring Break in Cabo is equally repellent)



  • You need to check out the devastating vacation of August 15th in Italy too. Apart that, for fun: the departing of the mass of vacationers all at the same time towards tourist resorts is known in Italian press as the "exodus"; their returning is named, then the "counter-exodus".

    By Blogger John Travolta Sardus, at 05 August, 2009 10:46  

  • I think I arrived in Milan once on Aug. 17 or something, and it was the strangest thing to be in this huge, empty city.

    By Anonymous Laura, at 05 August, 2009 17:13  

  • You would have to think the Allied Invasion of Italy would've gone a lot smoother had they performed it in mid-August instead of September. :)

    By Anonymous Adam, at 08 August, 2009 16:11  

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