Mike Beversluis

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The good ol' days

From this entertaining set of comments on things that have worn out their welcome and are a bit threadbare now, as we come to the end of the ennui-filled post-millenial aughts..:

Peter Burnet said...

From the Me decade to the Meh decade? Sounds like a bestseller to me. My additions: Halloween ("Oh boy, more candy!"), explosive video graphics on sports shows, animated Disney films, social justice, American healthcare, synchronized swimming, being accused of confusing phenotypes with genotypes, Twitter, endangered coral reefs, Africa and condoms, libertarianism, Jon & Kate, Prince Charles, packaged holidays, reports of new species in Asian jungles, American Idol, the clash of civilizations, mystery novels about women cops being chased by serial killers, gay parades, tirades against modern poetry, pregnant women in tight tops, organic food, Dr. Seuss, beach volleyball, thongs, nachos, computer geeks, Olympics opening ceremonies, Jennifer Aniston's love life, the multiverse, Sweden,...I could go on.

Nothing but butterflies and rolling in cow shit left to awaken our repressed childlike sense of wonder. Maybe cupcakes too.



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