Mike Beversluis

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yesterday was a a rather nice day for Portland, Oregon - how often do you think Mt Hood is this clearly viewed? (not very)  You could even see Mt. St. Hellens, although it's a bit less photogenic.  Five minutes later:

And that kept up for the next few hours and left a decent 4 inches on the ground.  As the map below indicates, this is a low probability event.  And for me, this year, it is the second such snowmaggedon in a row thanks to the record-breaking snow dump in Alexandria last week.


  1. P(Snow in Alexandria around Christmas) ~ 0.10
  2. P(Snow in Portland around Christmas) < 0.05
Given that these two areas are ~2400 miles apart, I'm going to claim statistical independence.  Furthermore, last year the same thing happened.

Clearly, I can cause it to snow in record amounts.



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