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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fake cover, real cover 2

A step aside from the cover there is the song with pretend lyrics; in this case, Adriano Celentano is pretending he is singing in English. For those who don't speak italian, in the introduction he is playing the high school professor and more or less he is saying that he wrote a song to represent incommunicability ... and the title of the song, "prisencolinensinainciusol" in his imagination means "universal love".
The pretend English song starts at 1:37, enjoy.

For real covers, here you are a "Georgia on my mind" cover by Mina. It is preceded by an Italian song and starts at 2:24.

Out of curiosity I checked out the interpretation of "Georgia of my mind" by Ray Charles: quite obviously there is way and way to sing blues, but besides this in my opinion Mina was not supported in her singing by the "right" orchestra.


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