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Monday, December 04, 2006

Robot Speakers

Mounted flush in the ceiling these speakers automatically drop down to a 15º , 30º or 45˚ angle and then rotate to aim toward any position in the room. Utilizing a remote control and multiple presets , the system can be configured to a variety of seating positions and configurations.

I have no idea how they sound, but honestly, when has sound quality mattered to speaker guys (never). Cool remote-controlled robot speakers, on the other hand, matter immensely.



  • R2-D5.1?

    By Anonymous Adam, at 04 December, 2006 19:29  

  • Oh Dear! These speakers will never compensate for all of my feelings of inadequacy! Did I mention I'm fluent in over four billion forms of communication? Also, that I'm in Mensa?

    By Anonymous C3-PO, at 04 December, 2006 19:39  

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