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Monday, October 27, 2008

Schadenfreude is not attractive

But mea culpa, I enjoyed this premortem (née Washington Post-mortem, ha ha) of the newspaper industry's looming financial apocalypse. [via] In the spirit of reconciliation, let me hope that they rise again, phoenix-like from this fire, and other clichés.

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  • I always wondered why the school district I work for persisted in subscribing to both the local newspapers (Seattle Times, Post Intelligencer) and ordering multiple hundreds of each, despite their own persistent clamoring to be a more eco-friendly institution.

    Despite rather dubious claims about computer illiteracy (It's the 21st century people and certainly the entire STUDENT body is able to find their news on the internet) or ethereal requirements for "hard copies". The only reason I can figure for this archaic expense is to support a dying but thoroughly liberal establishment.

    Which brings up another point. Our educational systems have yet to come close to catching up with our technological advances and an aging group of tenured hippies should not be the people who are counted on to usher in the future leaders of society.

    Of course Ms. Starshine Sunday Moonbeams is not going to be thrilled if little Jimmy is getting his news from non-sanctioned esources. And so the status quo persists.

    By Anonymous Adam, at 28 October, 2008 15:39  

  • Then why not just embraice your idea compeletly and spell any word over five charactirs long strategicelly incorectly?

    By Anonymous Adam, at 31 October, 2008 21:51  

  • Other post, bub.

    By Blogger Mike Beversluis, at 01 November, 2008 09:07  

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