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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And you can't please some of the folks all of the time

You Can't Please Everyone - One Star Reviews of Classic Movies, Music and Literature.

I liked this - quite likely ironic - review of Are You Experienced?

Words cannot describe my intense dislike for Jimi’s guitar “skills”. This guy is a HACK. All songs sound exactly the same, the drummer is weak, does the bassist even exist? Listen to some REAL music that actually requires talent- like Nickelback!

Oh, it gets better (worse).

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  • I think it is not completely easy to justify with sound arguments why a particular work of art that is widely cited as important is in fact important. Though it happened to me once or twice to intensely like a music that I heard without knowing anything about it and then to discover that it was Beethoven.

    Changing topics, it is curious to see that many commenters not only bash the musical piece or the film they are on to but also (especially for music) they propose alternatives: "get X!". It happens also a lot on Youtube, for many many piano players there is a comment that says "rather listen to X"; then you go to X and you read "listen to Y" :-)

    By Blogger John Travolta Sardus, at 23 April, 2009 04:34  

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