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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Monster Singles

LilyAllen - Smile.

Not unlike Gnarls Barkely, the album is so-so, but that song is a bit of confectioners pop perfection. Alfie's good too (viewable here).

Casey Dienel - Doctor Monroe

She reminds me of Splashdown (give Ironspy and Karma Slave a listen), and I would have bet $5 that she and that singer were one and the same. But then I would have lost a bet. BTW, I totally kicked ass at hearts tonight. All bow down to my superior queen of spades avoidance skills!

Also, if you want to get your alterna-nerd on, try Asobsi Sexsu - Thursday; They kinda have that Interpol vibe, except that the singer's a girl and, you know, it's enjoyable to listen to.

If you are feeling extra mopey and depressed instead, try Shearwater - White Waves.

[via in large part, Largehearted Boy]

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