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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The human-rights-mobile

Yesterday, I walked out the door to find a late 80's Honda Wagovan parked there. Besides featuring a fugly name to go with its fugly looks, this is the car model I and Laura drove around Walla Walla for awhile. As aluminum head/iron block combos are want to do, it blew a head gasket at +200k [miles] and so we set it on fire and drove it into a river. Actually, have you ever seen The Blues Brothers and how their car self destructs at the end? It was like that. Reflecting back on it, I really, really, really wish I had bought an Accord wagon instead of a coupe afterwards.

The odd wrap-around rear quarter panel windows lead to our calling it "aquarium car," which joined the Beversluis Honda Civic menagerie which included "flamemobile","blue honda", and "blue honda" (one name for two cars, but contextually specific). My folks enjoy naming their cars, as they are currently driving around Darth Burban, however, Laura's friends trumped aquarium car with Human Rights-mobile. This name found its genesis, so to speak, in Laura's pro-life stickers and the fact that, after Volvo 240's or Mercedes 300D's, Wagovans are exactly the kind of car you find at Ammenesty International meetings. I like to think of the Toyota Prius as the wagovan's spiritual heir, ie, No effin way I'm buying one.

Update: My parents, the whitest people ever (except that logic would dictate that I, their progeny would somehow be whiter, but I would argue that regression towards the mean must necessarily occur via random genetic mutation), no longer call their all black suburban with black interior "Darth Burban." They call it "Shaft." I have $20 that says they have never seen Shaft, in either of its iterations.

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