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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ha ha dating

Dating can be a torturous path to tread, especially if you're looking for that mirror-image version of yourself, or if you're specifically avoiding that mirror-image version of yourself, or if you're calculating the nexus point of genetic potential will allow your ubermensch progeny to outnumber the stars, or if you, like all generals, are fighting the last war, etc, etc. Anyway, shared interests and backgrounds count for a lot, but there should be some leeway.

So, even though it's nominally set in SanFran, this bit on "eco-sexual dating troubles" reminded me of the similar passive-aggressive folks in Seattle. I'm in no position to cast stones, but really, allow me to cast some stones:

"I shopped at Rainbow; she shopped at Safeway" is how Monte Gores, a 33-year-old Berkeley stock-trader-turned-acupuncturist summed up his differences with a woman he once dated. "One night she told me she’d just eaten half a chocolate cake for dinner," he says. Not exactly a "mindful" way to eat. "If you’re thinking about a long-term relationship, that’s a red flag." They broke up within two months.

Sometimes couples actually agree on their lifestyle choices but find themselves in a game of green one-upmanship, with disastrous results. Claudia, for instance, wasn’t happy when her boyfriend bought her a kitchen composter so she could recycle leftovers. "I was miffed that he was trying to tell me what to do, and he was miffed that I wasn’t using it," she says. They, too, eventually parted ways. "It wasn’t just the compost," Claudia says, “but it raised some control issues that we couldn’t resolve."

Between the non-mindful eating and recycling-power struggle, it seems like they're stuck in Annie Hall. Anyway, Greens are the new Victorians, except that they are more uptight.



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